Royal Caribbean optimistic about cruising soon

There might be good news on the horizon as it relates to cruise tourism in Jamaica with Royal Caribbean expressing optimism at how things are progressing.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Caribbean Group, Richard Fain, recently expressed his optimism that we may now be approaching the end of what has been a very challenging time for travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today, I’m beginning to feel more positive that we may be within sight of the end,” Fain stated in a video that was directed at various partners. He later said that “we’re getting closer to the other side of this crisis every day, and I’m excited about that.”

While not giving any specifics, such as start-up dates or any other particulars, his message is certain to resonate with locals who depend on the cruise industry to make a living.

Jamaica is one of a number of countries in the Caribbean that has a Royal Caribbean cruise ship terminal.