SAFE! Missing baby found by police, woman arrested

Missing no longer: Nyyear Frank’s family sighs a collective breath of relief as the babe was recovered by police on Wednesday. (Photo contributed)

After months of extensive investigations, detectives assigned to the Half-Way Tree Police are celebrating the safe return of four-month-old Nyyear Frank.

Little Nyyear was stolen from his mother at five weeks old on Sunday, October 13, last year.

According to reports from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Nyyear’s mother was walking with him along Rousseau Road in St Andrew around 5:00 pm, when a motorcar drove up with three men aboard.

One man alighted from the vehicle, forced the mother and child into the motorcar. The mother was subsequently released.

Acting on intelligence on Wednesday, January 22, detectives searched a house at a location in the Kingston 11 area and discovered the child.

The child was taken to the police station and positively identified by the mother.

The CCU further explained that a DNA test will be conducted to confirm the identity of the child.

Young Nyyear appears to be in good health.

One woman has been taken into custody. Her identity is being withheld pending further investigation.