St Lucia’s CMO warns of fourth COVID-19 wave

New COVID-19 infections in St Lucia have been rising, a worrying trend that the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar George , said could be indicative of a fourth wave. 

According to George, the island was at a critical point as she highlighted that the rate of transmission had risen from  1.1 to 1.54.

“We see the upward trend toward a fourth wave in the country,” George said.

“We want to ensure that everyone is aware of where we are…and our actions at this point are really going to determine how we continue to manage,”George added. 

George shared that if St Lucians were not careful in following the protocols, they too could see a major outbreak of COVID-19, similar to what other countries are experiencing.

“We can end up getting to a major outbreak as we are seeing happening in the rest of the world,” George said.

 Over the last 28 days, St Lucia  recorded 414 new infections.

 To date St Lucia has 4,906 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.