Samsung unveils new Galaxy Buds+

Samsung officially revealed its new Galaxy Buds+ at its Unpacked event on Tuesday, February 11.

Let’s face it. The headphone jack is gone. Samsung was one of the last champions of the 3.5mm standard. Now, there are no headphone jacks on any of the newly released Galaxy phones. So, you’re going to need wireless audio solutions to enjoy music playback without disturbing those around. The Galaxy Buds+ are improved versions of last year’s offerings launched with the S10 line-up.

The Galaxy Buds+ look very much like the Buds from last year. (Photo: Samsung)

The Galaxy Buds+ come with new technology that’s supposedly better than their predecessors. Externally, there’s not much difference between the Buds+ and their predecessors. The differences lie within.

Ambient sound controls are in the Buds+ app. (Photo: Samsung)

Instead of a single firing speaker, the Buds+ has two specialised speakers inside each earbud. There’s a tweeter for high notes and a woofer for bass. According to Samsung, the speaker system is almost 40% bigger than the ones in the previous generation. That should translate to a better listening experience. AKG tuning promises high-quality audio for wireless acoustics.

A headshot of a man wearing his Galaxy Buds plus with a huge smile, tilting his head to the right.

Samsung partnered with Spotify to grant users quick access to recommended tracks based on your listening habits. A long press on the Buds+ awakens music that Spotify’s algorithms think is to your liking.

Galaxy Buds+ were designed to provide a rounded audio experience. So, the devices have a new microphone system that should yield better results than the old versions. Since they removed the headphone jack, users can’t enjoy calls over trusted wires, so Samsung put not one, but three microphones into each earbud. There are two external mics and one internal microphone. Samsung says this system will better isolate voices on calls even with external noise. That’s a good thing because no one wants horrible, wireless call quality, however convenient the audio solution.

A docked pair of enlarged black Galaxy Buds plus is displayed in an open charging case.
Galaxy Buds+ in Cosmic Black.

The company also thought of user safety with this design. There are new controls for ambient sounds. You can control the amount of outside noise you hear while using the Buds+. It’s essential to be able to listen to your surroundings while commuting. It can be quite dangerous, walking around while blasting music, especially when you pair loud, isolated music playback with eyes glued to screens. That’s a formula for disaster. 

A close-up of three friends in a tight hug. A man on the left is wearing white earbuds and looks up while speaking. A woman in the middle wearing black earbuds closes her eyes and smiles. A woman on the right wearing blue earbuds rests her head on the middle woman's shoulder and smiles with her eyes closed. The Ambient sound volume GUI is turned on to the loudest setting.

Samsung ensured that the Galaxy Buds+ have better connectivity as well. The device can switch seamlessly with other Samsung products. Negating the need to unpair and connect to another device when you want to change audio sources. They also work with iOS devices via the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ app on the App store.

Despite the apparent improvement in audio quality, it is all for nought if the device doesn’t have good battery life. Thankfully, Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds+ last a whopping 11 hours on a full charge.

A man wearing black Galaxy Buds plus smiles as he looks a woman next to him wearing white Galaxy Buds plus. The woman smiles with her hands in the air behind her head.

For extended playback, the Qi-certified wireless charging case can keep you going for 11 more. That’s 22-hours in total, which is plenty of time to listen to your favourite tracks. Those extra 11 hours is thanks to a 270mAh battery inside the case. Each earbud has 85mAh batteries inside.

There’s no active noise cancellation on board. But the ear tips should provide some passive sound isolation.

The Galaxy Buds+ come in Cosmic Black, Cloud Blue and White and will be available for US$149 on February 14.