Santa Claus brings COVID-19 to care home, 75 infected

Usually, Santa Claus brings good cheer and presents, but he may have infected 75 people at a care home in Belgium with COVID-19.

It is understood that a man, who played St Nicholas (or Sinterklaas as they call him in the country), went to the home on December 6 to spread some Christmas spirit. However, some time after, he tested positive for coronavirus.

While it is believed that he is the ‘superspreader’, it would require “scientific research” to determine if Santa brought the virus to the Hemelrijck care home in Mol, Antwerp, that has 150 residents.

So far, 61 elderly residents and 14 staff members have been infected with the virus.  

Most of the people who got the virus are not showing any symptoms. However, a resident who was receiving palliative care passed away, and another with severe symptoms is now on oxygen.

Meanwhile, the municipality of Mol, in a statement, said that the care home made an “error in judgment” by allowing Santa Claus into the home.