School principal says teachers aren’t prepared for indiscipline

A senior educator in Jamaica is calling for the Government to implement more training programmes to prepare teachers to deal with the indiscipline being displayed by students in schools across the country.

Monique Grant-Facey, the principal of Happy Grove High, says a number of educators continue to struggle to deal with the behavioural issues that students are now showing.

“With the high level of indiscipline that we are seeing, a lot of the teachers were not trained to deal with such issues. Educators were trained to teach subjects,” she said.

“A lot of the teachers were not trained to deal with such issues.”

— Monique Grant-Facey, principal of Happy Grove High

Facey, who has been making headlines following her decision to use social
media to discipline a group of misbehaving female students said that if teachers were not offered training in these areas they would continue to struggle.

A few weeks ago a number of students from Happy Grove High School in Portland were caught on camera fighting in their uniforms while heading home from school. The video went viral on social media, capturing the attention of the school’s principal. She made the pupils apologise in front of the entire school population, and the apology video was later shared online.