Schools dismissed early amid JUTC strike

Schools across the Corporate Area and sections of St. Catherine are sending students home early amid strike action by drivers at the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) on Tuesday.

In an interview with BUZZ, Public Relations and Communications Officer at the Ministry of Education Sheryl Bromfield said that a bulletin was issued to primary and secondary schools to ensure students who access the public commute have reasonable time to get home.

“We sent out a bulletin to all schools to dismiss children early, so they can make their way home safely. [As long as] the JUTC operates there, then yes, it applies to Kingston and St. Catherine,” she told BUZZ.

Bromfield further explained that at this time, while an outright closure of schools is ‘off the table’ discussions are being held to determine whether similar measures would be applied for Wednesday, September 25.

“I wouldn’t say half-day, but much earlier than the regularly scheduled dismissal time,” she noted.

The ministry will be closely watching the situation, Bromfield added, from early Wednesday morning — with schools to be notified accordingly if the problem persists.

JUTC bus drivers went on strike Tuesday morning, September 24, causing massive disruption in the commute of passengers in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR).