Schools mobilised for nationwide dengue clean-up drive

Acting Director for the Safety and Security in Schools Unit in the Ministry of Education Richard Troupe (Photo: JIS)

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has mobilised educational institutions across the island to participate in the National Dengue Clean-up.

 The three-day exercise is being held from Friday (January 24) to Sunday (January 26).

 Schools are among the entities that will be the focus of the first day of activities on Friday.

Speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Tuesday (January 21), Acting Director for the Safety and Security in Schools Unit in the ministry, Richard Troupe, explained that although it is a regular school day, schools have been encouraged to make allowances for participation in the national event.

“We are expecting all schools to be engaged in the dengue clean-up activities on Friday. We have encouraged schools to infuse it into their activities during that day,” he said.

Troupe explained that institutions have been encouraged to mobilise parent-teacher associations (PTAs) and past-students associations to provide support on the day as well as sensitise students and other stakeholders about the importance of the undertaking, “so that on Sunday they can also participate in clean-up activities in their own homes and communities”.

He said that uniformed groups are expected to be in uniform on the day as a show of solidarity for the coordinated activities.

He indicated that where there is a need for the removal of bulky waste and additional support, this information should be communicated to the regional offices so that the necessary assistance can be provided.

Troupe further noted that schools have been asked to continue to support the mosquito-eradication effort beyond Friday. 

⁠— JIS