Scientist behind BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine says it can end the pandemic

BioNTech’s chief executive, Uğur Şahin

The company responsible for creating the world’s most successful coronavirus vaccine so far says it can stop the pandemic. BioNTech’s chief executive, Uğur Şahin made the assertion to the Guardian

“If the question is whether we can stop this pandemic with this vaccine, then my answer is: yes, because I believe that even protection only from symptomatic infections will have a dramatic effect,” he said in via a Zoom interview.

The vaccine is developed by Pfizer and German biotechnology firm BioNTech. It was found to be more than 90 percent effective at preventing infection.

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Şahin says he believes the vaccine can prevent the transmission of the virus. He said the vaccine attacks the coronavirus “in more ways than one”.

“The vaccine hinders Covid-19 from gaining access to our cells. But even if the virus manages to find a way in, then the T-cells bash it over the head and eliminate it. We have trained the immune system very well to perfect these two defensive moves. We now know that the virus can’t defend itself against these mechanisms.”