Scientists create dengue-resistant mosquitoes

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BUZZ Fam, I’ve got good news! Scientists have created mosquitoes that are immune to dengue, this means they cannot pass it on through bites.

These scientists at the University of California, San Diego injected the insects with human immune system proteins which were able to fight off all four strains of dengue.

These proteins stopped the virus from multiplying inside the mosquito, meaning it never became strong enough to be transmitted.

The scientists implanted the dengue immune proteins, called antibodies, into female mosquitoes.

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Antibodies are created naturally by the body and are what enables the immune system to destroy bacteria and viruses by itself without medical help.

The researchers found that putting human dengue antibodies into mosquitoes stopped the disease spreading among the insects.

And by engineering the genes of the insects to make sure those with the antibodies inside them were successful breeders, researchers said it would be possible to make this immunity spread through the wild population of the insects.

Dengue was responsible for the deaths of 81 Jamaicans in the last two years. And it threatens the health and lives of millions of people living in hot countries. It can cause fever, vomiting and deadly bleeding.