Scientists develop apple that can last up to a year

BUZZ Fam, we know some apples can take a little bit longer than the average fruit to perish. But what if I tell you that one has been developed to last for up to a year? 

The Cosmic Crisp (Photo:

It’s  called the Cosmic Crisp, and hit supermarket in the Washington State on Sunday. It is a cross-breed of Honeycrisp and Enterprise Apples.  Scientists say the Cosmic Crisp combine the juicy texture and the late-ripening characteristics of both breeds, and is being sold for US $1.99 per pound. 

Researchers took almost 20 years to develop this new product and the first Cosmic Crisp apple tree was planted in 2017.

Although the harvest is small this year, they are extending it to increase next year. 

BUZZ fam, would you eat an apple you’ve had in the fridge for over a year?