Scientists want to build doomsday vault on the moon

Since by now we’ve already come to terms that a doomsday is inevitable, scientists are making preparations.

Scientists from the University of Arizona want to build an underground lunar ark filled with millions of seed, spore, sperm, and egg samples from Earth’s species, hidden in a network of tubes on the moon to provide a genetic backup for the planet in the event of a doomsday scenario. And they’re calling it the  “modern global insurance policy”.

They believe that the vault could protect the genetic materials in the event of “total annihilation of Earth” which would be triggered by a major drop in biodiversity. The vault would host 6.7 million species from Earth, cryogenically preserved and hidden inside a series of caves and tunnels under the moon’s surface. \

But of course, there’s a catch. The success of the project is dependent on the advancements in cryo-robotics technology. And to be cryopreserved, the seeds must be cooled to minus 292 Fahrenheit, while stem cells must be stored at minus 320 Fahrenheit. But the team says that at such temperatures, metal parts of the base could freeze, jam or cold-weld together.

These American scientists aren’t the only ones who are trying to save us when doomsday arrive. China and Russia agreed to jointly construct a lunar space station, which will be “open to all countries.”