Sean Paul says he is worried about the impact of climate change on Jamaica

In a recent interview with the Independent dancehall artiste Sean Paul said that he was worried about the future of Jamaica given the impact of climate change.

The artiste, who hasn’t left Jamaica for 18 months due to the pandemic, told the British publication that he has seen the real-life impact of climate change, pointing to beaches on the island that he has seen recede by about 20 feet.

“I’ve seen climate change first-hand here,” he told the publication.

“There are beaches I know that have receded 20 feet. In some places there’s no sand, there’s no beach anymore,’ he added.

His recognition of the problem has spurred the dancehall artiste in to action.

According to Sean Paul, he tries to do as much as he can, noting that he has been funding a few projects that are related to climate resilience.

He further shared that, he has been helping out small farmers with an irrigation system, that helps them to maintain their crops during times of drought.