Second smaller earthquake recorded near Jamaica

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Wednesday morning (Jan 29) near Jamaica.

The smaller quake comes less than a day after the island experienced a major 7.7 earthquake.

Similar to the earlier more powerful quake, the second one occurred approximately 114km NNW of Lucea, Jamaica.

However, earthquake activity in that location is not unusual, as the USGS revealed that five other magnitude 6 or larger earthquakes have occurred in that same area over the past half-century.

They include a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in December 2004, 174 miles (280 km) west of Tuesday’s major earthquake, and a magnitude 6.2 event in May 1992, almost 62 miles (100 km) east of Tuesday’s quake.

According to the USGS, none of these earthquakes are known to have resulted in shaking-related damage or fatalities, likely because of their location away from land and major population centres.