Dr Guy says security guards sleeping on the job after man escapes quarantine facility

Opposition Spokesperson on Health, Dr. Morais Guy on Tuesday said that the security at the quarantine facility, from which 27-year-old Kemar Bailey escaped, is lacking.

Guy noted that while he is aware that all quarantine facilities are resourced with security staff , he said Monday’s incident suggests that there is a need to revisit security protocols at these centers.

Guy told BUZZ that while the incident is of concern, he takes comfort in the words of the Chief Medical Officer Jacquiline Bisasor-Mckenzie who revealed that the man did not show any signs of COVID-19.

However, admittedly, Guy added that he is aware that the virus can be spread without the display of symptoms of the virus.

Bailey escaped from a coronavirus quarantine centre in Kingston late Monday but was captured by police and health officials early Tuesday morning.