Senior officers want Prince Andrew stripped of military titles

UK Senior military leaders want Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to be stripped of his honorary military positions over the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

Andrew is a former naval helicopter pilot who flew in the Falklands War. He holds senior honorary positions in both the UK Army and Navy.

However, his embarrassing BBC interview about late peadophile pal Epstein has made him a source of disdain among the ranks, leading to calls for him to be ‘quietly outed.’

The Duke of York is commodore-in-chief of the fleet air arm and admiral of the sea cadet corps within the Royal Navy. He also holds honorary positions in the army, which include colonel of the Grenadier Guards and four other colonel-in-chief titles. The UK armed forces are bound by their allegiance to the Queen, officials are unable to remove the Duke of York without Her Majesty’s approval.

BUZZ fam, do you think the Queen will remove her favourite son from his public military duties after stripping him from his public royal duties?