Seven injured in explosion at Heaven’s FESCO gas station in Mandeville

Seven persons were injured in a massive explosion that occurred at the Heaven’s FESCO service station in Mandeville, Manchester, on Friday evening.

It is understood that four persons received third degree-burns while three others received minor injuries. About 12 vehicles were damaged in the blaze.

And as videos of the incident continue to flood the internet, there is still uncertainty about what led to the fire that engulfed a major portion of the establishment.

Reports from the fire department on Friday suggested that there was a motor vehicle collision in the vicinity of the station. It was said that one of the vehicles caught on fire and somehow caused ignited the pumps.

However, videos now surfacing on social media show gas running freely inside the station prior to the explosion. And based on photos after the blaze, it is being said that the fire may have been caused when a car was being given a jumpstart while there was a gas leak.