Several communities in North East St Elizabeth to benefit from road rehab

MP Evon Redman and Basil Waite oversee road work in North East St Elizabeth.

Several communities in North East St Elizabeth are to benefit from the rehabilitation of a stretch of road that had been in a state of disrepair.

The communities to benefit are Santa Cruz, Abraham, Schoolfield, Fagan Town, Hanson Drive and Top Burnt Ground. The road links these areas and gives access to downtown Santa Cruz, which is the parish’s main business hub.

Basil Waite greets Councillor Everton Fisher of the Balaclava division.

Opposition Member of Parliament Evon Redman conceptualized the work which was paid for through the Constituency Development Fund. Some $3.5 million has been spent on the project so far.

Caretaker Basil Waite, who hopes to be the next MP for the constituency as Redman will not contest the next general election, said taxi drivers would especially benefit as it bypasses traffic in the area.

“It will serve as an easy access for commuters to get out of midtown Santa Cruz so about some 6,000 persons will benefit directly from this work. Persons will see a major reduction in traffic.”

Sixty-one-year-old Violet Rose, who lives on the road, welcomes the development. She said it came at the right moment. “From what I see this will ease off the crowd going into the town and with the virus going around we need some way to stop big crowds,” she said.