Kamala Harris exits US presidential race

Kamala Harris shocked the public when she pulled out of the US presidential race on Tuesday. (Photo: cnn.com)

California senator Kamala Harris was a leading contender for the Democratic nomination in the United States, but she abruptly ended her 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday (Dec 3).

The senator, who has Jamaican roots, had high ratings at the start of the campaign, leading persons to believe that she had a concrete chance of taking on President Donald Trump.

However, the journey came to an end on Tuesday when she reportedly told her staff she was suspending her campaign.

Harris, 55, made a big splash when she announced her nomination as poll numbers put her in the top tier. She got more numbers when she tackled fellow candidate and former VP Joe Biden in an early debate.

However, since then, things have slowed considerably, and even her performance in the last Democratic debate was considered a major turning point.