Shortage of sanitizers and other products, says Chamber of Commerce head

The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brian Louisy confirmed over the weekend that as a result of panic buying there is a shortage of toiletries, hand sanitizers and other related healthcare products on the local market.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the shortages could worsen, as countries from which they are imported reassign them for local use.

As a result, Lousiy said that he has identified at least four local enterprises involved in the production of sanitizers and toiletries which could be approached to temporarily reorient their production for the local market.

He said the chamber and other private sector entities were satisfied there were no disruptions as yet in the local food supply.

Louisy further said employers were committed to protecting their workers and urged that the continuing dialogue involving customs and other related facilities to include other stake-holders like smaller importers, truckers and minibus operators.

Louisy noted that based on the latest estimates, there was no need for too much concern as yet, as there were no food supply chain problems, but said that things can change at any time, so attention must continue.