Should the Jamaican government ticket people who do not wear masks in public?

Wearing a face mask in public is being touted as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Jamaican government made the wearing of masks in public spaces mandatory in April, however, not everyone has been obeying the rules.

It’s why activist and lawyer, Clyde Williams wants the government to go a step further and attach a fine to it.

Posting on his Twitter account, Williams suggests the government distribute masks at first and attach a fine if people don’t wear them.

Williams is credited with leading a campaign on Twitter to have the Governor-General refrain from wearing a racist badge.

Lamenting that mask-wearing in public is decreasing, Williams is appealing to the government to find a new approach that will change that.

The Bahamas government recently implemented heavy fines for both tourists and residents who do not wear a face mask in public spaces.

Jamaica has had 702 coronavirus cases, with 553 recoveries.