Singapore becomes first country to approve sale of lab-grown chicken meat

Singapore has become the first country to approve lab-grown chicken meat for consumption. It’s been sold to Singapore by a US start-up company called Just Eats Inc that is based in San Francisco.

So we guess now you can feel less guilty when gobbling down your chicken meat BUZZ Fam!

Of course, that’s if you’re to follow, Just Eat founder and CEO, Josh Tetrick’s line of thinking.

“We’ve been eating meat for many hundreds, thousands of years, always needing to kill an animal to eat — until now,” he told CNN. Adding that it will be priced the same as premium chicken.

The cultured meat is created in a bioreactor — an apparatus in which a biological reaction or change takes place — Eat Just said. It has a high protein content and is a rich source of minerals, according to the company.

For now, the company only has approval to sell the meat in Singapore, but it hopes to expand sales of cultured meat — including cultured beef — into the US and Western Europe, Tetrick said.