Sisters die from COVID-19 a week apart in Trinidad

Two sisters have died a week apart from the Covid-19 virus at the Intensive Care Unit of the Couva Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago.

According to the Daily Express, one sister was a member of the Police Credit Union, died last week. The other, employed in the Judiciary, died on Tuesday night.

Their deaths were disclosed by a relative in a Facebook post, who wrote: “We regret to inform all our friends and family that our two older sisters… succumbed to COVID related illnesses. We thank you for all the well wishes and condolences. We ask that everyone just keep us in your prayers.”

A family friend, in another post, pleaded with citizens to be vigilant in the fight against the virus.

“Today I lost a friend to Covid-19. That friend lost her sister a few days ago. Both sisters died within a week of each other. Her family, barely able to process one loss, now has to face the battle of dealing with another. I am only her friend and I am heartbroken. I cannot imagine the pain her family feels,” the post read.

“The deaths you see reported every day are real people. People with families. They aren’t just numbers.”

“Please, for heaven’s sake, take the precautions seriously. This is not a joke, a scam or a game. Nobody is trying to “fight you down”. The government isn’t wicked for implementing measures to protect you. Covid-19 is REAL and REAL people are dying. Unfortunately, some of you will only realise this when someone you know is one of those numbers.”

Trinidad and Tobago implemented a lockdown to deal with the country’s rising COVID-19 numbers.