Skullbreaker challenge leads to broken arm for student

A student from a Jamaican corporate area high school is said to be suffering from a broken arm after participating in a new viral game, the Skullbreaker or Trip Jump challenge.

The skullbreaker challenge is one where three persons stand alongside each other and when the one in the middle jumps, their legs are swept from under them leaving them to fall on their backs.

This has now led to calls from the Office of the Children’s Advocate in Jamaica (OCA) to parents and others to urge children to desist from participating in the game that is growing in popularity among students.

The OCA is warning that this can lead to serious injury or even death as a result of the fall. So far, the injury to the student is only one reported.

The game is said to have emerged on social media platform Tik Tok and continues to grow in popularity as a growing number of students try it especially in South America and the Eastern Caribbean.