Sleeping policeman draws the ire of some Caymanians

A photo of a policeman sleeping on the job in Cayman set residents abuzz on social media late Monday (September 28).

A quick-fingered eyewitness snapped a shot of the snoozing cop and shared it with an online publication which created quite a stir, quickly making the rounds. 

Many who saw the photo were enraged noting that in such financially difficult times it was a slap in the face of taxpayers to see such a thing.

“It is sad to think people find this RCIPS officer’s action funny when we the people pay his monthly salary. This why many of them like to be transferred to Cayman Brac,” said one Caymanian on social media.

“Mi papa, unah look ya jesus….ahh Elvis alone keep dem busy? No sah. This is what them get paid fa?!?!? Shame,” added another.

While others thought the photo was just plain funny, noting that it was human to be tired.

“That dem drooling sleep too he deep asleep,” said one man on Facebook

“Honestly we are humans if he is tired I’d rather the officer rest than fall asleep on the wheel for example when blood pressure or dizziness hits you that’s uncontrollable someone should have wake him up and asked if he was ok instead of plastering it,” added another

Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne confirmed that the police officer observed sleeping in his patrol car was on duty and is attached to the police station in Cayman Brac.

Given the size of Brac, one of three landmasses that form the Cayman Islands, no more than five cops are on duty at a time. It’s said only the sleeping cop and an inspector were on duty at the time.