Slovak PM tests positive for coronavirus

Another prime minister has tested positive for COVID-19.

Igor Matovic announced his positive COVID-19 result on Friday. (Photo: REUTERS)

It is being reported that Igor Matovic, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, tested positive for the virus a week after attending a summit with French President Emmanuel Macron, who recently announced that he has the virus.

In a Facebook message on Friday, Matovic said that he would be isolating himself for about 10 days.

“Today, I am one of you,” Matovic said.

“I was to spend the Christmas holidays helping out at a hospital. Now my plans will likely be a little different.”

However, he did not state if he had any symptoms.

His positive result comes after Macron revealed that he had the virus. Following his announcement on Thursday, health officials began doing contact tracing across Europe, as the French President had met with several heads of government at the summit. It is also understood that many of them will be self-isolating.