Smooth running of High Court being jeopardised by shortage of workers

The Supreme Court building on Kings Street in downtown, Kingston.

There are concerns that the effective running of the Supreme Court could be jeopardise due to a shortage of workers.

The concerns are being raised by stakeholders ahead of the start of the Michaelmas Term next week.

According to one source, about 21 persons are needed to replace the staff that have resigned in the Civil Registry of the Supreme Court. Other areas of the court are also suffering from a shortage.

“The court is losing staff left right and centre. The Gun Court is understaffed, as well as the Criminal and Court Reporting departments,” the source told BUZZ. “So come next week when the term begins you might see judges without a clerk or the office empty with not many persons to assist the public.”

One staff member told BUZZ: “The workers are disgruntled about a lot of things, including being the least paid workers in the court system and we are the high court.”

It is said that additional workers could soon be leaving for jobs elsewhere. The shortage will put additional burden on the system, which has been struggling for years with a large backlog of both criminal and civil matters.