South Africans protest whites-only graduation party

South Africans protest a whites-only graduation party held at a prominent high school (Photo: New York Post)

A graduation party for only white students at a Brackenfell High School in South Africa has left many angry. Protestors have taken to the streets to showcase their displeasure with the racist event.

According to Aljazeera, the protest was organised by members of the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Nearly 2,000 members gathered near the school where anti-riot police fired tear gas to disperse them.  

However, they were able to regroup some distance away.

The school in the meantime is trying to distance itself from the party. It said the party was not an official school function and that it was organised by parents.

“The masked ball, referred to as a matric farewell, was a private party organised by the parents of matriculants, and did not fall under the control of the school at all,” the school’s governing body wrote in a letter to parents, according to news website IOL.

The ball was held at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm in Stellenbosch on October 17.

The flyer was distributed on a WhatsApp group called “Matrix 2020” which listed several teachers as members.

Despite the end of apartheid a generation ago, racial tensions in South Africa often remain high.