South West St Andrew MP calls for removal of GCT from face masks

South West St Andrew MP Angela Brown-Burke calls for removal of GCT from face masks.

Member of Parliament for South West St Andrew Dr Angela Brown Burke is calling on the government to remove the GCT currently on face masks.

“I am on record fully supporting the universal wearing of face masks by the general public in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” she indicated. “This has the potential when done, in addition to other precautions, of drastically slowing the spread and is particularly helpful in many communities that are densely populated.”

In a letter to Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, the Opposition member insisted that removal of the GCT from these items would allow many more Jamaicans to purchase for the family, instead of choosing one or two members.

“Every burden that can be eased at this time is welcomed for the majority of Jamaicans, whose income is already stretched,” she said.

Meanwhile, Brown-Burke is also calling on the Bureau of Standards to make recommendations about the material to be used in making these masks. Brown-Burke said that while commending and supporting the innovation and initiatives of many manufacturers, including those from smaller home-based enterprises, it was important to issue guidelines and make recommendations for the material to be used.

“These recommendations from the BSJ, about breathability, filtering etc, are therefore timely and important as many entrepreneurial Jamaicans look to fill this void,” she said.