Spain considering a four-day work-week

(Photo: Evernote)

Here’s something that might make you want to move to Spain; it is considering implementing a four-day work-week without any loss of pay.

The Local reports that Spain’s deputy Prime Minister, Pablo Iglesias confirmed that this is something the government is looking into.

Iglesias said reducing the number of workdays in a week to 32 days would “undoubtedly” lead to more jobs and that his party “has always been in favour of reducing working hours”.

Meanwhile, leader of the Más País party, Íñigo Errejón is also in favour of the idea. “Now that we have to rebuild our economy, Spain has the perfect opportunity to go for the four-day or 32-hour week,” he said. 

“It is a policy for the future that allows for an increase in the productivity of workers, improvements to physical and mental health.”

Errejón also believes a measure would benefit the environment tremendously.

At first, the idea would be limited to a small number of companies. It is being considered by Spain’s Treasury as part of negotiations ahead of budget talks.