Spain declares 10-day mourning period for coronavirus victims

Flags are being placed in all public building around the country (Photo: JuniperSports)

A ten-day mourning period has been declared in Spain to pay tribute to the almost 27,000 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus.

The period will run from Wednesday, May 27 to June 5. During this time, flags will be at half-mast in more than 14,000 public buildings across the nation as well as on the navy’s vessels.

King Felipe VI, Spain’s head of State, will preside over a solemn ceremony to honour the dead once the country emerges from its strict lock-down rules.

The victims were “men and women whose lives have been suddenly cut short, leaving friends and family in great pain, both from the sudden loss and from the difficult circumstances in which it has occurred,” the Spanish government’s spokeswoman, Minister María Jesús Montero, said.

Opposition parties had criticised the left-wing coalition of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for not paying homage to the victims.