Spice left back-to-school treat in ‘tears’

Dancehall artiste Spice has apologized to the hundreds of persons who left her back-to-school treat empty-handed yesterday.

Spice handing out supplies at her back-to-school treat yesterday. (Photos: Fatherp)

A crowd estimated at over a thousand people turned up for the treat at the Maverly Gospel Hall, off Molynes Road in St Andrew.

However, the supplies — which included bags and stationeries — ran out and hundreds of people had to leave empty handed.

Over a thousand people are believed to have turned out for the treat.

Spice took to Instagram to apologize to those who left disappointed.

“I’d like to apologize to the children who left disappointed today at my back to school giveaway. I too left in tears as I did not have enough to give. I promise to make this bigger and better next time and definitely more organised…,” Spice wrote.