St Ann mayor under fire for using taxpayers’ money to buy Porsche charging station

Mayor of St Ann, Micheal Belnavis

A cost of $80,000 was spent by the St Ann municipality to install a charging station for the personal hybrid Porsche of mayor Micheal Belnavis.

The blatant misuse of taxpayers money was brought to light at a Public Administration and Appropriation Committee (PAAC) meeting. The CEO of the St Ann municipality, Rovel Morris said the charging station has since been removed, and “all cost associated with the installation will be recovered”.

Morris told members of the committee that there were no regulations that stopped the municipality from covering the cost of the charging station for the mayor’s Porsche. He also denied allegations that the municipality’s electricity bill skyrocketed as a result.

This is just one of the suspicious spending habits of the municipality that is being uncovered by the PAAC.

A meeting of the committee on Wednesday revealed that it cost the municipality more than $9 million to sanitise and clean handrails, gates, doors, gate handles and door handles at the Ocho Rio Pier to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The money to carry out these sanitation exercises were given by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). However, no other municipalities in tourist resort areas received funding for similar exercises.