‘St Julian’ trends on Twitter as Jamaica resumes exporting mangoes to UK

Jamaican mangoes will again be available in the United Kingdom, following a shipment of approximately 4,710 kilogrammes of the commodity on Thursday (April 22).

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Floyd Green, the latest shipment follows a 7 year hiatus, in which Jamaica halted shipping mangoes to the UK in 2014 due to fruit flies.

“I am pleased to announce that after a 7 year hiatus we are exporting mangoes to the United Kingdom again. Today we exported over 4000 Kgs containing both East Indian and St. Julian,” Green said in a tweet.

Following Green’s tweet ‘St Julian’ began trending on Twitter, with many surprised to learn that the variety of mango, colloquially referred to as ‘Julie mango’ has an official name – St. Julian mango.

“I was today years old when mi realise seh julie mango full name a St. Julian,” tweeted one user.

“LOOOOOL…A Julie name St. Julian? This coming like that family member whose real name you find out only when you reach their funeral and see the programme, “ added another.

While it was a pleasant surprise for some that the variety of mango has an official name, some were in disbelief, prompting the minister himself to provide clarity on the matter.

“Yes guys Julie is actually St. Julian,” said Green in a subsequent Tweet.

While Green may have provided clarity on the matter, Twitter users had a field day with their latest discovery, after which there was an abundance of jokes and memes released about St Julian mangoes .

Check out some of the best memes below: