St Lucia welcoming cruise liners

The Celebrity Millennium is expected to dock in St Lucia on Tuesday

For the first time since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, St Lucia will be welcoming cruise liners.

The Celebrity Millennium is first cruise line to be given the green light, and it is expected to dock on Tuesday (June 29) with 400 passengers.

Over 1000 cruise dependent stakeholders stand to benefit from the income generated from the cruise liners.

“It’s a great day for vendors, taxi drivers, workers of the duty-free stores at Pointe Seraphine, and the general economy. This is another step towards the successful reopening of our economy and returning to our normal lives,” Tourism Minister said.

Meanwhile, public relations manager at the St Lucia Tourism Authority, Geraine Georges told the media that all the passengers will be vaccinated except for ten children.

“The fully vaccinated cruise passengers will be allowed to disembark, wear a wrist band that is in keeping with our stay over arrival protocols and they will get extended access to the island in that they can rent vehicles, enjoy dining and so much more,”she said.

The Chief Executive Officer of the St Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), Beverly Nicholson-Doty said specific accommodation will be available to passengers who are unvaccinated.

“Vaccinated adults accompanying unvaccinated minors, as well as all unvaccinated passengers who wish to disembark the vessel, will be accommodated within a bubble. These passengers will be transferred to designated certified sites and attractions only, and back to the cruise terminal for boarding to their next port of call.”

Authorities said that Royal Caribbean Cruises to Port Castries are tentatively scheduled for July 13, and August 10 and that other cruise lines will also confirm their itineraries soon.