St Lucian company creates software to aid rollout of COVID-19 vaccine

St Lucia-based Digitised Solutions Limited has announced the creation of a user-friendly software to help with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine across the region.

The software, named I-Vax, is a web application which was developed to effectively implement and monitor vaccination programmes.

According to the I-Vax developers, the software will enable the easy identification of those vaccinated, with users required to input their date of birth and a valid national ID number.

This information will then be validated against national databases to prevent invalid registration.

“I-Vax is estimated to take 6 weeks for a phased rollout at an affordable cost that is tailored to the client’s needs.”

– I-Vax representative

The software will also allow users to schedule a vaccination appointment based on available time slots configured for the vaccination site and, when  even  send reminders for follow-up vaccination.

The company says that it has plans to work closely with local clinicians among other healthcare professionals to capture other information that could be useful in the fight against COVID-19. This includes the collection of post-vaccination observations and self-reporting of suspected cases of adverse and side-effects by those vaccinated.

“Although I-Vax could be an integral part of the government’s short- to-long-term strategy that guarantees effective use of limited state resources, a high-quality communications plan is key to its success,” a company representative said. 

An aerial view of Castries, St Lucia

“As such, we have developed an I-Vax communications strategy that ensures a high measure of public outreach and consistent messaging on the importance of registering for the vaccine. I-Vax is estimated to take 6 weeks for a phased rollout at an affordable cost that is tailored to the client’s needs. The cost includes software development, high-quality video tutorials and campaign promotional material for television, radio and print,” added the company rep.