St Lucian PM denies flouting COVID-19 protocols

Prime Minister of St Lucia, Allen Chastanet, has denied claims that he on occasions flouts COVID-19 protocols. 

Chastanet addressed the claims on Tuesday to a group of reporters following a media briefing. 

According to Chastanet, he could not recall any incidents in which he intentionally broke COVID-19 measures. 

However, Chastanet did recount an incident in which he wore a visor and was told by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) that the accessory was not sufficient to be worn alone. 

Chastanet noted that at the time of the incident, he complied with the CMO’s advice and took corrective measures.

The PM stressed that he was being held to the same standards that he with the guidance of the CMO sets for the general population.

“So if somebody wants to take a picture of me going to the bar, having a drink and  pulling down my mask at the bar,  I can assure you that there will always be an occasion where  you are going to find me doing that,” Chastanet  explained.

“But to say to you that I am out flouting and deliberately disobeying the  protocols, I don’t think that’s the case,” Chastanet added.