Starbucks joins growing list of companies to halt social media advertising

Starbucks became the latest company to join the increasing number of brands pulling advertising from social media platforms, particularly Facebook.

Starbucks said it will pull all social media ads as it continues dialogue with its media partners to stop the spread of hate speech.

Starbucks, in a release today, June 28, said it will suspend ads on all social media platforms as it continues discussion with media partners and civil rights organisations to stem the spread of hate speech. “We believe more must be done to create welcoming and inclusive online communities.”

It joins other companies that have pulled ads from Facebook, criticising it for not policing hate speech and misinformation adequately.

Other companies that have said they will suspend advertising include Unilever, Coca-Cola, Honda Motor, Hershey, Diageo, PepsiCo and Verizon Communications.