Statue of Melania Trump set on fire

(Photo: CNN)

A statue of Melania Trump was badly burnt by vandals in her hometown of Slovenia. The statue was set on fire on July 4, according to the artist, Brad Downey.

Downey said he received a call from the local police department asking him what to do with the statue. He said the statue was removed on the same day it was burnt, and locals were asked not to distribute photos of the scorched figure so it did not become a “violent meme.”

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A police report has since being filed by Downey, but he’s only interested in finding the attackers, not pressing charges against them.

Downey commissioned a local conceptual artist named Ales Zupevc, better known as Maxi, who was born in the same hospital and the same year as the first lady, to carve the statue from a tree using a chainsaw.