Still watching: Gov’t committed to improving JamaicaEye

Security Minister Dr Horace Chang (left) in discussion with Police Commissioner Antony Anderson and Senator Matthew Samuda at the Police Emergency Control Centre Wednesday.

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang has said the government remains committed to enhancing its JamaicaEye crime-fighting capabilities.

He said the programme will be enhanced through greater strategic investments in technology. JamaicaEye is an island-wide network of camera surveillance systems, which aims to improve public safety, enhance situational awareness, support emergency/disaster response, monitor public spaces, support investigations and provide evidence to aid in maintaining public order.

The Minister’s announcement follows a visit to the Police Emergency Control Centre (PECC) on Wednesday (March 18).

“This is just one aspect of the work I have been doing to upgrade the technology aspect of the police force. It is not yet completed, but it is an indication of where we want to take the police force. This aspect of our programme is critical to successful law enforcement in Jamaica,” Minister Chang noted.

PECC monitors the island’s CCTV footage under the JamaicaEye Project.

In December 2018, the Ministry enabled CCTV monitoring capabilities for the JCF with the installation of a 150 square feet video wall and a surveillance watch floor. From this location, JCF’s CCTV operators monitor cameras in Kingston, St Catherine, May Pen, Mandeville, Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay.