Stop overcharging fares! Transport authority sends warning to public transport operators

Jamaica’s Transport Authority is warning public passenger vehicle operators that they should immediately desist from the practice of overcharging commuters’ fares for use of public transportation in the corporate area.

Since the withdrawal of service by the JUTC, this morning, the Authority has again received several complaints from the commuting public that unscrupulous persons are insisting commuters, including children, pay more than the approved fares in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA), particularly in sections of Spanish Town.

This is illegal and a violation of the rights of the commuters. Accordingly, the Transport Authority operations teams are monitoring this situation closely and operators found to be “unlawfully deceiving passengers as to the fare for a journey” will be prosecuted under regulation 129 (d) of the Road Traffic Regulations. The Transport Authority will continue to prosecute for this offence as it intensifies its drive over the upcoming weeks

In the meantime, the commuting public is reminded that one of the dangers of using unlicenced public passenger vehicles is that these operators often charge exorbitant fares. The Authority is, therefore, urging the commuting public to use licenced public transport vehicles which display red public passenger vehicle plates and the light blue Transport Authority sticker on the windshield with expiration dates of 2020 and onwards.

Commuters may report incidents of overcharging through the Authority’s toll- free line at 1-888-991-5687; WhatsApp images or videos to 1-876-551-8196, providing the licence plate numbers and the routes for the vehicles; or download the Drive Safe Jamaica app in the Google Playstore and submit your images or videos.