Stranded! 270 pilot whales stuck after taking wrong turn near Australia

They may be called pilot whales but that doesn’t seem to stop them from getting lost.

About 270 pilot whales are currently stranded on sandbars off Australia’s southern island of Tasmania state.

The mammals are reportedly stranded on two sandbars near the town of Strahan, where a rescue mission will get underway to save them.

Already, roughly 25 of the whales have died after becoming stuck this morning.

However, wildlife experts say a complete assessment has to be done before efforts to free them can begin.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service manager said “When we start making an effort (on Tuesday) morning it will be with an outward-going tide.

“That will be in our favour. We’ll be aiming to make the most of that window,” he said.

The incident, while rare, is not an unusual occurrence.