Suspect in fatal Capitol attack dreamt of visiting Jamaica

Noah Green, the man whom authorities said rammed a car into two officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol.

The man who rammed a car into a US Capitol barricade on April 2 killing one Capitol police officer while injuring another had dreamt of visiting Jamaica.

According to Noah Green’s athlete  profile which he wrote while attending Christopher Newport University, his dream vacation would be a trip to Jamaica.

However, Green’s dream of visiting the Caribbean hot spot will never come true, after he was shot dead by police after he attacked two Capitol Hill law enforcement officers.

New details which have since surfaced about Green revealed that prior to the attack on Capitol Hill he had briefly moved to Botswana.

While his activities in the African nation are unknown, returning to the US in 2021 he asked to stay with his brother who lives in Virginia, not far from Washington.

Reports are that on Friday, 25-year-old Green drove a Nissan Sedan from his brother’s home to the United States Capitol.

Green used his vehicle to ram into two police officers, who were on duty protecting the grounds, killing one and injuring another.
It is alleged that he then got out of the vehicle brandishing a knife when he was fatally shot by law enforcement officer.

Investigators say they are combing through Green’s Facebook to find out what could have caused Green, a college athlete with no history of violence, to take such actions.

A search of his Facebook has revealed that he was a member of the Nation of Islam, describing himself as a “Follower of Farrakhan”.

While investigators have  zeroed in on his religious faith, the suspect’s  brother, Brendan Green, told  the Washington Post that his brother had in recent times  been plagued by mental health issues and may have been abusing drugs.

Similarly friends of Green who knew him have described him as a stand-up guy who grew more religious following an incident during his years as a student athlete in which he believed he was drugged by a team mate.

Following the alleged incident, Green’s friends say Green grew paranoid and became more deeply devoted to the teachings of the Nation of Islam.