Suspects fleeing police in Clarendon crash, cops say they were greeted with bullets at scene

Several police related agencies are investigating after two men died and six others were injured following a collision in Clarendon on Saturday (June 12).

The incident has led to widespread unrest in Clarendon , with scores of residents taking to the streets to protest claiming that police harmed the men who were involved in the crash.

Reports from the police are that about 8:55 p.m., a team of  officers were conducting spot check in the area when they signalled the driver of a Nissan AD Wagon motor car to stop.

The driver disobeyed and sped away and eluded the police who went in search of the vehicle. 

While searching the area, the officers came upon a crash site where several persons converged.

 On approach of the team, shots were reportedly fired at them, the officers returned fire, however no one received gunshot injuries.

When the shooting subsided, eight persons who were identified as occupants of the car were seen with injuries sustained from the crash; they were taken to hospital for treatment.

However, 21-year-old Kavaughn Salmon and 17-year-old Jamoy Blair,  both of Top Hill district, Hayes in Clarendon were pronounced dead on arrival while the others were treated.

The matter is being investigated by the  Inspectorate and Professional Standards and Oversight Bureau (IPROB), the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and traffic Investigators