SUSPICIOUS EYE: Jamaica’s CCTV system gets mixed reactions in wake of hit-and-run on cop

The taxi involved in the hit-and-run on a cop in New Kingston Thursday.

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, Jamaica Eye, has been in the news recently after it helped to provide information to the security forces about a renegade taxi operator, who was involved in a hit-and-run incident on a police officer New Kingston.

The system was able to provide details about the car such as the license plate information which allowed the police to share the information with the public and the subsequent seizure of the vehicle after it was found abandoned. While this has been a big moment for the effectiveness of the system, some are questioning it’s relevance to protecting the lives of the citizenry.

One Twitter user remarked, “The help find the driver thing was a PR push for #JamaicaEye. The whole reporting on the WISH was strange. I’ve heard that they KNOW the name of the driver and the owner so at this point I’m like wth.”

Another user pointed, “A car has been going around kidnapping females in Kingston. I wished the police were equipped to catch them as quickly as they found this car. #SeriousThing #JamaicaEye #EffectivePolicing.”

However, Senator Robert Morgan who is also parliamentary secretary in the office if the Prime Minister defended the system and declared that it was working.

Government Senator Robert Morgan.

He stated that “over a weak ago I outlined the progress we have made as a country with CCTV. The technology continues to assist in investigations and since 2018… we have vastly improved its effectiveness. More work needs to be done and more work is being done”.