Taxi operators want fare increase

President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), Egerton Newman believes its time taxi operators get a fare increase.

He says this increase is warranted because of the new challenges they’re facing due coronavirus.

“We have a lot dealing with right now. We lose 25 per cent of our revenue because the government said we have to carry one less passenger, we have to be buying sanitizing products, and less people are travelling, so we need a fare increase,” he told BUZZ.

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President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, Egerton Newman

“It’s seven years now we don’t get any increase,” he added.

Newman said that ideally, he would like to see a 100 per cent increase, but he’s willing to settle with a 50 percent increase.

However, he said if that cannot be granted, then taxi operators are willing to compromise.

“We understand that we need to come together and cooperate to beat this coronavirus. So if we can’t get a fare increase, then we asking the government to at least consider removing a percentage of the gas tax- 4 percent, five percent, we will take anything,” he said.