Teachers more stressed than other professionals, says study

The teaching profession is more stressful than other jobs. This is according to a study conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research in the United Kingdom.

One in five teachers feel tense about their job, the study says. (Photo sott.net)

The research revealed that one in five teachers feels tense about their job, all or most of the time, compared with one in eight workers in similar professions.

President of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association Owen Speid, agrees with the findings. He said teachers everywhere are stressed, but especially the ones in Jamaica. 

“All the stresses from all sectors of life culminate in the classroom. If when on the road the children are having rough passages getting to school, it affects their whole psychosocial being, and teachers have to deal with that behaviour. If parents are having a rough time, when they come to school to interact with the teachers, they cause all sorts of problems,” he told BUZZ.

Owen Speid, President Jamaica Teacher’s Association (Photo: Facebook)

Coupled with this is the low salaries that teachers take home each month and the substandard working environment. 

“All the stresses from all sectors of life culminate in the classroom.”

— Speid

“An average teacher graduating with a first degree will be paid approximately $100,000 per month. When you take out deductions it’s going to take you down. Many of them don’t own their own homes, they have to be paying rent. That’s $40,000 coming out of that. You can just imagine if a teacher has a child,” he said.

Denied Leaves

Speid also told BUZZ that some teachers are also being denied vacation leave, something that could prevent teachers from experiencing burnout.

“In fact, teachers give the most in terms of overtime in terms of all workers, and they get nothing in terms of the overtime that they do. If you work it properly, you’ll see that teachers are really getting nothing,” he said.