Tears flow during Kanye’s Sunday Service performance in Kingston

Kanye West brought the house down at the Emancipation Park in New Kingston with his performance of Jesus Walks during his Sunday Service Experience concert, on Friday (Oct 18).

Several female fans — including a Caucasian — could be seen crying as the American rapper interacted with the crowd while he performed the number.

The Caucasian woman appeared set to jump on stage when one of Kanye’s choir member prevented her. A male companion consoled her as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Others seemed set to rush the stage as they jostled for a spot to touch the artiste, who shook hands with fans.

He then left the stage as his choir continued singing. As the show closed, police personnel had to rush on stage to ward off zealous fans who attempted to jump on stage, apparently to grab items.

Kanye last performed in Jamaica over 12 years ago.