Teen suspected to have drowned at a beach in Priory

Google Map showing the Priory area in St Ann.

A Seventeen-year-old is suspected to have drowned at a beach in Priory, St Ann on Saturday (March 28).

This comes amid news that an elderly man in the same parish is suspected to have drowned in a water tank on March 24.

The teen has been identified as Kingsley Campbell of Sterling district, Calderwood in St Ann.

Reports from the St Ann’s Bay police are that about 4:49 p.m., Campbell was at the beach with a relative when he complained of feeling ill. The relative left to purchase food and upon returning, Campbell could not be found.

It is alleged that an alarm was made after Campbell’s clothes were found along the beach. His body was subsequently fished from the water. The scene was processed and the body was removed to the morgue pending a post mortem examination.