TELL THE POLICE: Justice Minister urges Jamaicans to report criminals

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, is encouraging more Jamaicans to come forward to report crime and corruption in the country.

Speaking at a Child Diversion Sensitisation Session at Glistening Waters Hotel and Attractions in Falmouth, Trelawny, on December 6, the Minister said that persons must muster the courage to speak out and expose criminals and wrongdoers.

The ‘informer fi dead’ culture

Chuck emphasised that the indiscipline and the disorder that “we see right across Jamaica must stop.”

He called for an end to the ‘informer fi dead’ culture that permeates the Jamaican society. Instead, he said Jamaicans should stand up for what is right and help put these criminal elements behind bars.

“Far too many of us want to live without being interfered with, without having to come forward, but that’s not what life is. Life is about interaction, and in interacting, you are going to meet people who are abusive and also engage in wrongdoing, and when you see them, tell the police,” Chuck said.